About Us

Last Updated: 04-15-2020

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting tens of thousands of people in profound ways, including loss of work and a lack of medical care and food supplies. The worldwide outbreak has had a significant impact on the most vulnerable populations, including the elderly and children.

No Help Too Big is a brainchild of few friends coming together to help local community and came up with a platform which brings everyone virtually closer in social distancing and lockdown environment and share burden of local and state government. No Help Too Big is not affiliated, associated, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with any company or nonprofit organizations.

We connect people in need of help and people who want to help during the coronavirus pandemic under one place. We have gotten so many requests from people who want to help while practicing social distancing. Our platform lets a person who wants to help with food, aid, nonperishable items, medical supplies and other items are delivered to those who need it.

How It Works

Virtually Come Closer | Virtually Shake Hands | Virtually Hi five

  1. If you need help Choose the kind of help you need and provide details. You may request for food, medicine, grocery, masks, gloves etc. Someone would pick up your request and reach out to you directly to help.
  2. If you can help Look at the open help requests and commit help for at least one of them. You would then reach out directly to who you are helping.